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Entries General ::: Amnesty .............. d. Ayed Al-Qarni
A person should be issued every night a general amnesty before going to sleep for both the abused him throughout the day, a word or an article or the absence or cursing or any kind of harm, and in this way you will gain rights of internal security and psychological stability and pardon from the Merciful, the method of general amnesty for all offensive is the best medicine in the world distracted from Pharmacy revelation «Push the one that is better» «, who repress anger and who pardon the people and God loves those who do good», you who wanted life in exhilarating forms and pompous analyzed Wash your heart seven times pardon and Ofra eighth forgiveness, a man cursing Abu Bakr friend and say: God Ospennek Spa enters your grave with you, Abu Bakr said: but you enter your grave with you, and insult a man said to Imam popular folk: If you are a liar God forgave you, although I sincerely God forgave me. The transformation of the heart to the lives of the grudge and scorpions of hatred and snakes to the envy of the greatest proof of the weakness of faith and the shallowness of virility and poor appreciation of things, and he says Shakespeare: do not glow in your heart, we have provided to your enemy Fathtriq where you are, what best heart white albumin, is the happiest owner, to congratulate a living, what delicious sleep, what the purest conscience, then you at this age the short space to settle scores with opponents, and the payment of bills in conflict with the hostility? The Age shorter, and that goes for revenge from both abused him and take revenge on each of the mistake it would have spoken back pay, and a great burden of sin, and chest tightness, frequent concern with ulcer
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